Recognised by BIS for Safety Testing of the below products under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS):

 IT products as per IS 13252 (Part-1): 2010 / IEC 60950-1: 2005

  • Power Adaptor for IT Equipment
  • Printers/ Plotters
  • Point of Sale Terminals
  • Laptop/ Notebook/ Tablet
  • Mobile Phones
  • Scanners
  • Set Top Box
  • Smart card reader
  • Passport Reader
  • Telephone Answering Machine
  • Copying machine/ Duplicators
  • Visual Display unit (above 32”)
  • Visual Display unit 32" and below
  • Automatic Data Processing Machines
  • Cash registers
  • Mail processing /Postage/Franking machine
  • Power banks
  • Wireless keyboards
  • CCTV Cameras/CCTV Recorders
  • Smart Watches
  • USB Driven Barcode Reader, Barcode Scanner, IRIS Scanner, Optical Fingerprint Scanners
  • Keyboard
  • Automatic teller cash dispensing machines(ATM)
  • USB type exrternal hard disk drive
  • USB type external solid state storage devices(above 256GB capacity)
  • Standalone switch mode power supplies(SMPS) with output volatge 48v max

Lamp control-gear (LED Driver) as per IS 15885 (Part 2/Sec 13):2012
Self - ballasted led lamps for general lighting as per IS 16102:2012
Uninterruptible power system as per IS 16242:2014
Indian Language Support for Mobile Phone Handsets as per IS 16333 (Part 3):2017
Standalone LED modules for general lighting as per IS 16103 (Part 1):2012

Designated by TEC for Safety Testing of  Telecom Equipment as per IS 13252 (Part-1): 2010 / IEC 60950-1: 2005:

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Distinctive Features:

  • Spacious Laboratory for Testing.
  • Uncompromising integrity ensured through in-built quality system
  • Qualified, trained and permanent testing personnel.
  • Minimum turn-around time.
  • Customized inspection and testing.